I am…

A Colorado Native, traveler, analyst, Las Vegas nightlife veteran, entrepreneur, photographer, website developer, and content creator to name a few of the things. I am currently based out of Denver, CO but have lived in a number of places the last being New York City. I grew up in Denver/Golden/Arvada and then went to college in Boulder at Colorado before moving to Vegas. I moved to Vegas in January 2001. In Las Vegas, I worked a number of jobs before landing at the Hard Rock Hotel as a Financial Analyst in 2004. I actually started as a barback at the Pool at the Hard Rock in 2004, which was the first year of Rehab pool party. I worked the first Summer before moving inside as an analyst. New York City in October 2013. I am a co-founder of thirsty media, inc a website beverage, cocktails, and the beverage community. I also run, we are currently redesigning, a website about Vegas Pool Parties.  

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I am away from my computer at the moment. If you are interested in setting up a reservation at Temple Denver, text me at (702) 556-3730 or email me.

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